How do I get there ?

Day Spa Ruka Beauty Wellness

Rukatunturintie 9
(shopping mall Kumpare)
93830 Rukatunturi


Day Spa +358 44 535 3404 

Hairdresser +358 44 235 4169

1. At first, you have to find shopping mall Kumpare.

2. Come to the front of building where you can see two main doors to street level shops. Of the two main doors, choose that one which is next to yellow cash machine and there is green pharmacy cross above the door.

This is the right door. 

3. Inside building go straight between Turist Office and Subway, open the glass door and take the stairs to the ground floor.

4. Day Spa Ruka Beauty Wellness is next to the gym.

Exeptional situations

If the passage through this route is blocket of some reasons (like early morning or late night when shopping mall doors is closed) take nearest "kotipizza's" door on the left side and take stairs to ground floor.

If you are lost, don't hesitate to ask for advice

Day Spa +358 44 535 3404 
Hairdresser +358 44 235 4169

ATTENTION ! If you are unable to use the stairs, please let us know in advance. In this case we will direct you to the salon via a different route.